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Expert specialist retailers receive specific product training and provide you with the assurance that your installation will be carried out professionally.


140 years Griesser

To mark the anniversary, we are looking back at our brand history and showing all Griesser logos from 1882 to the present day.

140 years ago, Anton Griesser laid the foundation for one of today’s leading sun protection companies in Europe. Inspired by his pioneering spirit, we work every day to continue this vision and take the company forward. We are proud of our success story.

To celebrate this anniversary, we'd like to look back at the evolution of the Griesser logo from 1882 to the present day, with our new identity marking the start of a new era for Griesser.

We hope you enjoy this short journey through the history of our brand.

Photo above: Anton Griesser - our first pioneer - and his employees (1899).