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Griesser is the darling of architects

Following our first golden phoenix in 2018, we were once again named “Architect’s Darling” this year!

At the Swiss “Architects’ Darling 2020” Awards, Griesser once again won the golden phoenix.

Every year Schweizer Baudokumentation, the comprehensive source of information for Swiss architects and planners, presents the “Architects’ Darling” awards. These awards are presented in a range of different categories based on market surveys of more than 400 architects and planners throughout Switzerland. The elements assessed include the product range, price-performance ratio, product quality, innovation and visual appearance/design. The top-ranked companies in each category receive the golden phoenix as a winner’s trophy.

Best marks in every aspect

Named the winner in the solar shading and weather protection category in the first edition of the awards held in 2018, GRIESSER once again took the golden phoenix this year. The company enjoyed an excellent performance in every aspect. This performance was matched by the company’s delight at winning the award.

“The award serves to confirm that our products and services are firm favorites on the market,” said Urs Neuhauser, CEO of Griesser AG.

He also stressed that, “First and foremost, we owe the outstanding rating provided by architects and planners to our customers, whose projects have enabled us to grow, and to our roughly 1,300 employees who give their all every day to maintain the quality of our products and our innovative capacity.”

Further information about the award: