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Solar shading on the patio

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Metalunic Sinus®: Key to CO2 Neutrality in Barcelona's First Passive House

Innovative solar shading solution from Griesser blends aesthetic and sustainable design.

Architectural practice Energiehaus Arquitectos has taken the opportunity offered by the renovation of a Mediterranean terraced home to create the first carbon-neutral ‘passive house’ in Barcelona, Spain. Griesser’s Metalunic Sinus® venetian blinds play a central part in this sustainability project, which is also known as ‘ShowPass’ (as it demonstrates the passive house concept). The Griesser blinds don’t just make a major ecological contribution, either: they also help showcase the building’s outstanding design.

Griesser’s sustainable contribution
The ShowPass house, which dates from the early 20th Century, has already been awarded the Ecómetro and the EnerPHit certifications since its total renovation was completed. In addition to serving as the home of a four-member family (who include the project’s architects), ShowPass accommodates a showroom presenting passive house solutions that are especially suitable for the Mediterranean climate.

The externally mounted Griesser Metalunic Sinus® venetian blinds were selected for the project to optimize thermal comfort within. The blinds are automatically operated in response to the lighting conditions via an external motor that is connected with the house’s Modbus system.

“In addition to all its functional benefits, the solar shading we have chosen is a highly creative design element in our overall project,” says Energiehaus Arquitectos CEO Micheel Wassouf. “The blinds’ design makes a major contribution to the house’s aesthetics. Griesser’s solar shading solution harmonizes perfectly with the larchwood facade, and the blinds’ sand-yellow colour combines with the red stone floor to give the interior a warm-light ambience.”

In our interview with Micheel Wassouf, the Energiehaus Arquitectos CEO discusses energy-efficient renovations and refurbishments, offers further insights into the ShowPass project and talks about his goal of helping to master the climate crisis while still honoring Mediterranean architecture.

The full media release and the interview are available here.