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Special color protection

Additional coating for slats protects against filiform corrosion

Demanding air conditions by the sea or in environments with a high level of air pollution present a challenge for products with slats. A new additional coating from Griesser counteracts this.

External venetian blinds are almost unbeatable as solar shading for a house by the sea or for industrial buildings. But it is precisely these extreme locations that push the individual slats to their limit due to the salt and pollution in the air.

We develop solutions

Having begun work on a solution at the beginning of the year designed to improve the resilience of products with slats in highly challenging locations, we have developed a coating that offers our slats even better protection against dirt and corrosion.
The right choice for salty, acidic and dusty air conditions. This solution protects the colors of external venetian blinds.

Available for all products with slats

Having started with Metalunic and Grinotex, all our external venetian blinds are now available with the additional coating.

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