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Sustainable, energy-saving & modern, Municipal Hospital Triemli in Zurich

The ward of the Municipal Hospital Triemli opened in 2016 is a milestone in healthcare provision in Zurich – 18 floors high. Furthermore, as the first Minergie-P-ECO hospital building in Switzerland, it sets new standards. The building includes: Griesser solar shading in the form of Lamisol 90 external venetian blinds and our KNX solar shading control systems. This enables a wide range of requirements to be met, such as glare protection, overheating protection and use of daylight.

In short:

  • Municipal Hospital Triemli, City of Zurich
  • Lamisol 90 external venetian blinds & Griesser KNX solar shading controls
  • 18 floors
  • First Minergie-P-ECO hospital building in Switzerland, integrated Minergie solar shading module by Griesser
  • New opening of hospital ward: 2016



Municipal Hospital Triemli in Zurich


City of Zurich, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland

Solar shading solution





The blinds installed by Griesser in the Municipal Hospital Triemli and the integrated KNX control meet the requirements of the “solar shading” MINERGIE module.


Aeschlimann Hasler Partner Architekten AG, Zürich


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